A Vision-based Path Planner/Follower for an Assistive Robotics Project

Andrea Cherubini, Giuseppe Oriolo, Francesco Macrì, Fabio Aloise, Febo Cincotti, Donatella Mattia



Assistive technology is an emerging area where robots can be used to help individuals with motor disabilities achieve independence in daily living activities. Mobile robots should be able to autonomously and safely move in the environment (e.g. the user apartment), by accurately solving the self-localization problem and planning efficient paths to the target destination specified by the user. This paper presents a vision-based navigation scheme designed for Sony AIBO, in ASPICE, an assistive robotics project. The navigation scheme is map-based: visual landmarks (white lines and coded squares) are placed in the environment, and the robot utilizes visual data to follow the paths composed by these land-marks, and travel to the required destinations. Performance of this vision-based scheme is shown by experiments and comparison with two previously existing ASPICE navigation modes. Finally, the system is clinically validated, in order to obtain a definitive assessment through patient feedback.


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