IFT-BASED PI-FUZZY CONTROLLERS - Signal Processing and Implementation

Radu-Emil Precup, Mircea-Bogdan Rădac, Stefan Preitl, Marius-Lucian Tomescu, Emil M. Petriu, Adrian Sebastian Paul



New Takagi-Sugeno PI-fuzzy controllers (PI-FCs) are suggested in this paper. The PI-FC design is based on the optimization of PI controllers in terms of the Iterative Feedback Tuning (IFT) approach. Next the parameters of the PI controllers are mapped onto the parameters of the Takagi-Sugeno PI-FCs in terms of the modal equivalence principle. An attractive design method is derived to support the implementation of low-cost PI-FCs. The design is enabled by a stability analysis theorem based on Lyapunov’s theorem for time-varying systems. The theoretical approaches are validated by a case study corresponding to the position control of a servo system. Real-time experimental results are included.


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