ADOPTION VERSUS USE DIFFUSION - Predicting User Acceptance of Mobile TV in Flanders

Tom Evens, Lieven De Marez, Dimitri Schuurman



In the contemporary changing ICT environment, an increasing number of services and devices are being developed and brought to end-user market. Unfortunately, this environment is also characterized by an increasing number of failing innovations; confronting scholars, policy makers as well as industry with an explicit need for more accurate user research. Such research must result in more accurate predictions and forecasts of an innovation’s potential, as a basis for more efficient business planning and strategy implementation. However, the success of a new technology is not only depending on the adoption decision and the number of people actually buying it, but relies at least as much on its actual usage. Hence, the focus of truly user-oriented acceptance or potential prediction should focus on predicting both adoption diffusion and use diffusion. Within this paper, we illustrate the added value of such an interactionist approach for the study of future adoption and usage of mobile TV by the assessment of both a large-scale intention survey and qualitative techniques such as diary studies, focus group interviews, observational and ethnographic methods.


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