Carlos A. B. Mello, Adriano L. I. Oliveira, Ángel Sánchez



Preservation and publishing historical documents are important issues which have gained more and more interest over the years. Digital media has been used to storage digital versions of the documents as image files. However, this digital image needs huge storage space as usually the documents are digitized in high resolutions and in true colour for preservation purposes. In order to make easier the access to the images they can be converted into bi-level images. We present in this work a new method composed by two algorithms for binarization of historical document images based on Tsallis entropy. The new method was compared to several other well-known threshold algorithms and it achieved the best qualitative and quantitative results when compared to the gold standard images of the documents, measuring precision, recall, accuracy, specificity, peak signal-to-noise ratio and mean square error.


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