An in-Depth Requirements Change Evaluation Process using Functional and Structural Size Measures in the Context of Agile Software Development

Hela Hakim, Asma Sellami, Hanêne Ben Abdallah


The Agile methodology known as Scrum is increasingly used in software development as a response to the challenges of managing frequent requirements changes. However, a number of agile-based projects yield unsatisfactory results mainly because of a lack of a well-defined change evaluation process. In fact, such a process should be set-up early in the Software Life-Cycle (SLC). This paper proposes an in-depth evaluation process for requirements changes affecting either an ongoing sprint or an implemented sprint. This evaluation process involves two levels of details: a functional change level and a structural change level based, respectively, on the COSMIC functional size measurement method –ISO 19761 and the Structural Size Measurement Method. We investigate the use of both COSMIC FSM and SSM methods for rapid and detailed evaluation-based measures of a requirement change request.


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