Definition of a Walking with Starting and Stopping Motions for the Humanoid Romeo

A. Kalouguine, V. de-León-Gómez, C. Chevallereau, S. Dalibard, Y. Aoustin


The aim of this paper is to develop a complete walking with a starting, periodic and stopping motion for a 3D humanoid robot with n actuated variables. The dynamic behaviour of the center of mass of the humanoid robot is defined by a model called Essential model. The ZMP is imposed, the horizontal position of the CoM is free. The n − 2 other generalized variables of the humanoid robot are controlled and their trajectories can be for example chosen as a sinusoidal function of time. The gait parameters are determined based on data obtained from human walking. Numerical tests are presented for a complete walking motion. The perspectives are to test the obtained trajectories experimentally.


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