Real-time Electrode Misalignment Detection Device for RSW Basing on Magnetic Fields

D. Ibáñez, E. García, J. Martos, J. Soret


Electrodes misalignments are considered one of the most important mechanical factors involved in RSW (Resistance Spot Welding). Misalignment causes quality problems as undersized weld, expulsions or nonrounded-weld. Man-power needed in the automotive production lines is increased so as to repair the lack of quality, which means an increase in the cost of production. Consequently, an implantable solution for the automotive industry should be developed in order to detect misalignment when this happens. This research gives an answer by measuring the electrode misalignment by means of the generated magnetic field for the electrodes. The proposed method is validated by Multiphysics simulation measurement. Finally, this method is put into practice by creating a device tested in an automotive production line at the assembly and body plant in Ford Valencia. Together with the device, a communication system is implemented to carry out predictive management. This research initiates a novel line of research for the early and online detection of misalignment problems in welding guns.


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