Human Factors Assessment of Scenario-driven Training in Web-based Simulation

Bharvi Chhaya, Shafagh Jafer, Stephen Rice


Usability testing of products has commonly been used to test desktop applications, websites, online tools, and various types of learning platforms. This paper discusses usability and workload testing for a portable training simulation technology for Air Traffic Control (ATC) trainees. The NASA-TLX (Task Load Index) was developed for the purpose of measuring user subjective workload, and is useful for a variety of tasks, including online or computer-based training sessions such as the one being described in this paper. This multidimensional assessment tool rates users’ perceived workload, which is then correlated with other aspects of performance such as accuracy, speed, response times, etc. At the conclusion of the human factors experiment, the data indicated that participants found the simulation software to be relatively easy to learn and use, and did not experience high workload while using it.


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