Global Estimation for the Convoy of Autonomous Vehicles using the Sliding-mode Approach

M-Mahmoud Mohamed-Ahmed, Aziz Naamane, Nacer M’sirdi


In this paper, a global estimation approach is proposed to estimate the states of motion (longitudinal, lateral and yaw angle) of a convoy of autonomous vehicles, which is composed of four cars and also the inter-distance between each two neighboring vehicles. The approach used is based on the first-order sliding mode (FOSM) and second-order sliding mode (SOSM) observer without and with linear gain (FOSML and SOSML), to estimate and compare at the same time the estimation approach used for each vehicle in convoy. To validate this approach, we use data from SCANeRTM-Studio of a convoy moving in a defined trajectory. The robustness of the observers towards estimation errors on the model parameters will be studied.


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