ESP32 based Edge Devices to Bridge Smart Devices to MQTT Broker for Healthcare Purposes in the COVID Scenario

Alberto Faro, Daniela Giordano, Mario Venticinque


The aim of this paper is twofold. First, it demonstrates a low cost implementation of a BLE/MQTT gateway to support monitoring and control of the patient health conditions from distance by means of the commonly used health devices. A variant of the CPS model is used to execute the monitoring and control tasks effectively. Secondly, it points out that such a gateway together with conventional BLE sensors on body temperature and oxygen in the blood and possible other BLE edge devices allow us to implement a pervasive warning system on COVID status and some general forecast on COVID diffusion. MQTT edge devices are also outlined for measuring the relevant health parameters at distance without the help of the above gateway, but in a way that the sensed data may interoperate with the ones taken by the conventional BLE devices.


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