Ontology Metrics as a Service (OMaaS)

Achim Reiz, Henrik Dibowski, Kurt Sandkuhl, Birger Lantow


The use of automatically calculated metrics for the evaluation of ontologies can provide impartial support for knowledge engineers. However, even though the use of ontological representations is unabated – in opposite expected to rise through the increasing use of AI technologies – most ontology evaluation tools today are no longer available or outdated. At the same time, due to the growth of the computational cloud, service-driven architectures are on the rise, and enterprises tend to prefer to consume services in a platform- or software as a service model. In this paper, we argue that the change of the IT-landscape also requires a change in how we offer and consume ontology metrics. This hypothesis is backed by an industrial use-case of Robert Bosch GmbH and their application of ontologies, as well as their need and requirements for ontology evaluation. It motivated the extension of the tool OntoMetrics with a REST-interface, offering a public endpoint for ontology metrics on the Internet.


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