Intensional Model for Data Integration System in Open Environment

Islam Ali, Kenneth McIsaac


Open environment allows agents to associate and/or dissociate with the environment without affecting the overall functionality of the system. There are several challenges to modeling data integration systems (DIS) in open environment. This is because of the distributed, dynamic, heterogeneous, and loosely coupled nature of open environment. It is also important to note that information systems are intensional in nature. This is because the belief of an agent and the knowledge of an information system are intensional contexts. Open environments are also intensional in nature. This is because, the dynamic nature of open environment imposes no constrains on the set of participating agents or the number information systems plugged into the system. We propose the use of Mediated P2P architecture for the architecture of data integration systems in open environment. The DIS is formulated using Intensional Epistemic Logic (IEL). We also present an interface and query answering semantics that are based on the IEL. The proposed model accounts for the intensional, distributed, dynamic, and loosely-coupled characteristics of open environment.


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