Tactile Information Coding by Electro-tactile Feedback

Peter Schmid, Mona Bader, Thomas Maier


Touch user interfaces offer a wide range of interaction and manipulation possibilities. However, when interacting with this technology, the feedback is usually only provided via the visual or audio-visual channel of perception. Therefore, the study investigates how electro-tactile feedback can support the interaction with touch interfaces. The aim is to use electro-tactile feedback to transmit information during an adjustment task on a touch interface. For this purpose, five different types of electro-tactile feedback were investigated in a user study with 15 test persons. During the execution of a main task, a simple adjustment task had to be done in parallel on the electro-tactile touch interface. The electro-tactile feedback supports the execution of a main task and a secondary task, but the study also shows that by concentrating on the electro-tactile feedback the actuation time is extended.


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