A Measurement Model to Identify Knowledge-intensive Business Processes in SMEs

Christian Ploder


This paper is based on earlier work about the selection of knowledge-intensive business processes in SMEs done by the author with the result of defining 15 different factors in four categories: process, people, task and interdependencies. The developed factor model for describing the knowledge-intensive business process is driven further within the last year to help small and medium sized enterprises to focus on their important business processes if starting with process management initiatives. The developed factor model was enriched with a measurement model that combined scientific and practical input. This paper presents the measurement model that is at least able to divide between knowledge-intensive business processes and not knowledge-intensive business processes in a company. It is essential to invest in the right business processes for improvement if it comes to process management according adopting current challenges for SMEs, which are fulfilling any quality management norm like ISO 9000 series.


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