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About the SciTePress Digital Library

Benefits for Users

The SciTePress Digital Library (Science and Technology Publications, Lda) is a privileged partner of INSTICC, who publishes all INSTICC conference proceedings. Access to the SciTePress Digital Library is free for INSTICC members and allows visitors to browse through papers, conference proceedings and books. Here are some of the benefits of using the SCITEPRESS Digital Library:
  • Over 30,400 full text papers;
  • Seamless search function;
  • Keyword Indexing to ease navigation;
  • Registered Users can add papers to custom made lists;
  • Free of charge access to full text papers, for INSTICC members;
  • Download up to 45 papers per month*;
  • User friendly interface.
  • To become a SciTePress User, please Sign-Up.
*Download limit per month - 5 recent papers or 40 papers more than 2 years old. INSTICC members have a larger download limit (See Details)

Benefits for Authors

As the web growingly becomes the main repository of academic research, being found online is essential for researchers. In order to make sure their work is found, read and quoted, the SciTePress Digital Library offers several advantages to authors:
  • Keyword powered search and search engine optimization for every paper;
  • Indexation of the papers in the Digital Library by several abstracting and indexing independent organizations;
  • Possibility of adding links to the author’s other publications on the INSTICC authors' profile.

Proceedings will be submitted for indexation by: