Probabilistic Models for Semantic Representation

Francesco Colace, Massimo De Santo, Paolo Napoletano



In this work we present the main ideas behind in Search of Semantics project which aims to provide tools and methods for revealing semantics of human linguistic action. Different part of semantics can be conveyed by a document or any kind of linguistic action: the first one mostly related to the structure of words and concepts relations (light semantics) and the second one related to relations between concepts, perceptions and actions deep semantics. As a consequence we argue that semantic representation can emerge through the interaction of both. This research project aims at investigating how those different parts of semantics and their mutual interaction, can be modeled through probabilistic models of language and through probabilistic models of human behaviors. Finally a real environment, a web search engine, is presented and discussed in order to show how some part of this project, light semantics, has been addressed.


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