Tomás Martínez-Ruiz, Félix García, Mario Piattini



Software Process Institutionalization is an important step which must be carried out by organizations if they are to improve their processes, and must take place in a coherent manner in accordance with the organization’s policies. However, process institutionalization implies adapting processes from a set of the organization’s standard processes, and these standard processes must be continually maintained and updated through the standardization of best practices, since adaptation in itself cannot create capable processes. In this paper we propose using the philosophy of software process lines to design a cycle and specify a set of techniques and practices to institutionalize software processes. The cycle, techniques and practices include both process tailoring and process standardization to offer organizations an infrastructure with which to generate processes that are better fitted to their necessities. The use of our cycle will enable capable processes to be tailored from software process lines, and the analysis of these processes will permit the improvement of the organization’s set of standard processes and of the software process line.


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