Semi-Automatic Modeling of Bones for Real-Time Surgery Support

Roger Cuypers, Benjamin Weyers, Wolfram Luther



Model-based reconstruction of human bones in the context of surgery support is an upcoming field of research in informatics and kinematics. Tools for planning surgeries and real-time support require appropri-ate mathematical models for rendering, interacting as well as for reconfiguration. Our conviction is that Su-perquadrics offer this powerful mathematical modeling capability. Image based data which result from MRI and X-ray examinations have to be extracted and gathered to 3D-point sets which are afterwards fitted by superquadrics-based models. The fitting process is complex and time consuming. To solve this problem and to provide real-time simulation for the field of surgery support, the knowledge of the expert user should be applied. This paper presents the concept and a prototypical implementation of an interactive system which involves the user into the fitting process to accelerate the calculation and to enhance the resulting model.


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