Micael Pedrosa, Luís Alves, Ilídio C. Oliveira, José Maria Fernandes, João Paulo Silva Cunha



This paper presents a detailed architecture model for the Brain Imaging Network Grid (BING) that will be the main IT infrastructure of the recently created Portuguese Brain Imaging Consortium. The proposed architecture follows a service oriented philosophy and is designed to empower medical data sharing and processing, specifically brain images. Allowing the use of computationally intensive methods like feature extraction and retrieving of structured information, this system will take advantage of Grid computing new paradigm. In BING context, Grid infrastructure is the right option to provide the ability to seamless aggregate distributed computational power, extensive storage resources and high-bandwidth networking. The goal is to develop a system that simultaneously can provide basic data services, allow collaborative research between geographically distributed partners (e.g. analysis processes, workflows) and make use of the Grid computational power.


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