L. Rossini, R. Vetter, C. Verjus, P. Theurillat, P. Renevey, M. Bertschi, J. Krauss



We have developed a device for heart rate estimation with the optical sensing unit integrated in a classic media player earphone. The sensing principle is based on an optical infrared measurement directly on the ear lobe whereas the heart rate estimation is obtained utilizing robust model-based signal processing techniques valid even for quasi periodic activities such as running. Nevertheless, the remaining problem related to these strategies are statistically undetectable inter-beat during short term sporadic activities. In this paper, we present a novel robust inter-beat discarding method based on an activity related modeling of the expected heart rate dynamics that incorporates a simple cardiovascular model to reduce related inaccuracies in the heart rate estimation. A validation protocol has been designed and 9 subjects were asked to carry out their daily normal office activities for a time length ranging from 1 to 2 hours. A global absolute relative error mean of 0.9% between the estimated heart rate and a reference device and a sensitivity above 90% demonstrate encouraging performances of the proposed device.


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