José Silvestre Silva, João Cancela, Luísa Teixeira



Now-a-days CT scanners provide detailed morphological information of pulmonary structures, with great importance to the diagnostic and follow-up of oncological diseases. When a patient with lung cancer is submitted to several CT exams during a period of time; these exams need an appropriate registration to quantify or visualize the tumour’s evolution. We propose a new method for 3D intra-patient registration of thoracic CT exams and compare its results with several 3D registration methods. The performance of these registration methods is analysed, computing several normalized figures of merit; we also explore these metrics to check which is more sensible to changes in CT exams due to the presence of lung tumours. The results with several cases of intra-patient, intra-modality registration show that the proposed method provides an accurate registration which is needed for the quantitative tracking of lesions that may effectively assist the follow-up process of oncological patients.


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