F. A. Henskens, C. M. Loughland, M. S. Aphale, D. Paul, J. M. Richards, P. Rasser, V. J. Carr, S. V. Catts, A. Jablensky, P. T. Michie, B. J. Mowry, C. Pantelis, U. Schall, R. J. Scott



Schizophrenia represents one of the most perplexing and challenging problems confronting both researchers and health-care providers today. An Australian coalition of researchers has commenced construction of a resource termed the Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank (ASRB), which intends to support a wide spectrum of schizophrenia research studies. Software has been written to implement of a series of clinical assessment instruments, and a purpose-built Globus Grid constructed to provide secure aggregation and storage of the collected data. This paper describes the design, technology selections and implementation of the extant computer infrastructure, and discusses planned extensions and enhancements.


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