BIOMETRIC ACREDITATION ENTITIES - An Approach for Web Acreditation Services

B. Ruiz, L. Puente, D. Carrero, M. J. Poza



Identity verification is nowadays a crucial task for security applications. In the near future organizations dedicated to store individual biometric information will emerge in order to determine individual identity. Biometric authentication is currently information intensive. The volume and diversity of new data sources challenge current database technologies. Biometric identity heterogeneity arises when different data sources interoperate. New promising application fields such as the Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services can leverage the potential of biometric identity, even though heterogeneity continues rising. Semantic Web Services provide a platform to integrate the lattice of biometric identity data widely distributed both across the Internet and within individual organizations. In this paper, we present a framework for solving biometric identity heterogeneity based on Semantic Web Services. We use a multimodal fusion recognition scenario as a test-bed for evaluation.


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