Network Access Control Interoperation using Semantic Web Techniques

William Fitzgerald, Simon Foley, Mícheál Ó . Foghlú



Network Access Control requirements are typically implemented in practice as a series of heterogeneous security-mechanism-centric policies that span system services and application domains. For example, a Network Access Control (NAC) policy might be configured in terms of firewall, proxy, intrusion prevention and user-access policies. While defined separately, these policies may interoperate in the sense that the access requirements of one may conflict and/or be redundant with respect to the access requirements of another policy. Thus, managing a large number of distinct policies becomes a major challenge in terms of deploying and maintaining a meaningful and consistent configuration. It is argued that the Semantic Web—an architecture that supports the formal representation, reasoning and sharing of heterogeneous domain knowledge—provides a natural solution to this challenge. A risk-based approach to configuring inter- operating policies is described. Each NAC mechanism has an ontology that is used to represent its configuration. This heterogeneous and interoperating policy knowledge is unified with higher-level business (risk) rules, providing a single (extensible) ontology that supports reasoning across the different NAC policy configurations.


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