Oscar Mangisengi, Ngoc Thanh Huynh



An existing challenge is that organizations need to make business processes as the centrepiece of their strategy to enable the processes performing at higher level and to efficiently improve these processes in the global competition. Traditional Data Warehouse and OLAP tools, which have been used for data analysis in the Business Intelligence (BI) systems, are inadequate for delivering information faster to make decisions and to earlier identify failures of a business process. In this paper we propose a closed-loop BI framework that can be used for monitoring and analyzing a business process of an organization, optimizing the business process, and reporting cost based on activities. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) as data resource of a control system is as the heart of this framework. Furthermore, to support such a BI system, we integrate an extracting, transforming, and loading tool that works based on rules and state of business process activities. We show that some functionalities of our prototype are working well. The tool can automatically transfer data into a data warehouse when conditions of rule and state have been satisfied.


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