Beatriz Mora, Félix García, Francisco Ruiz, Mario Piattini, Artur Boronat, Abel Gómez, José Á. Carsí, Isidro Ramos



At present the objective of obtaining quality software products has led to the necessity of carrying out good software processes management in which measurement is a fundamental factor. Due to the great diversity of entities involved in software measurement, a consistent framework is necessary to integrate the different entities in the measurement process. In this work a Software Measurement Framework (SMF) is presented to measure any type of software entity. In this framework, any software entity in any domain could be measured with a common Software Measurement metamodel and QVT transformations. This work explains the three fundamental elements of the Software Measurement Framework (conceptual architecture, technological aspects and method). These elements have all been adapted to the MDE paradigm and to MDA technology, taking advantage of their benefits within the field of software measurement. Furthermore an example which illustrates the framework’s application to a concrete domain is furthermore shown.


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