Reliable Biometrical Analysis in Biodiversity Information Systems

Martin Drauschke, Volker Steinhage, Artur Pogoda de la Vega, Stephan Stephan Müller, Tiago Maurício Francoy, Dieter Wittmann



The conservation and sustainable utilization of global biodiversity necessitates the mapping and assessment of the current status and the risk of loss of biodiversity as well as the continual monitoring of biodiversity. These demands in turn require the reliable identification and comparison of animal and plant species or even subspecies. We have developed the Automated Bee Identification System, which has not only been successfully deployed in several countries, but also supports taxonomical research as part of the Entomological Data Information System. Within this framework our paper presents two contributions. Firstly, we explain how we employ a model-driven extraction of polymorphic features to derive a rich and reliable set of complementary morphological features. Thereby, we emphasize new improvements of the reliable extraction of region-induced and point-induced features. Secondly, we present how this approach is employed to derive new important results in biodiversity research.


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Drauschke M., Steinhage V., Pogoda de la Vega A., Stephan Müller S., Maurício Francoy T. and Wittmann D. (2007). Reliable Biometrical Analysis in Biodiversity Information Systems . In Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Information Systems - Volume 1: PRIS, (ICEIS 2007) ISBN 978-972-8865-93-1, pages 25-36. DOI: 10.5220/0002430300250036

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