Proactive Contract Management through RSF Specifications

Rossella Aiello, Giancarlo Nota



The modeling and automation of e-contracts is an active research area that aims at providing a valid support to organizations for the definition and management of contractual relations. The approach adopted in this paper allows the modeling and monitoring of contracts specified in terms of RSF (Requirement Specification Formalism) rules. Starting from the planning of events relied to contract clauses established during the negotiation phase, we define a set of RSF rules that can be used as patterns for the monitoring of both: contract fulfillments and contract violations with respect to obligations, permissions and prohibitions. We also extend the semantics of the RSF language in order to allow the treatment of planned events, together with occurred and not occurred events, in a single transition rule. This enriched semantics supports the proactive behavior of a contract management system enabling the immediate notification of fulfillments and non-compliances as well as the detection of imminent contract violations.


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