Fourier Signature in Log-Polar Images

A. Gasperin, C. Ardito, E. Grisan, E. Menegatti



In image-based robot navigation, the robot localises itself by comparing images taken at its current position with a set of reference images stored in its memory. The problem is then reduced to find a suitable metric to compare images, and then to store and compare efficiently a set of images that grows quickly as the environment widen. The coupling of omnidirectional image with Fourier-signature has been previously proved to be a viable framework for image-based localization task, both with regard to data reduction and to image comparison. In this paper, we investigate the possibility of using a space variant camera, with the photosensitive elements organised in a log polar layout, thus resembling the organization of the primate retina. We show that an omnidirectional camera using this retinal camera, provides a further data compression and excellent image comparison capability, even with very few components in the Fourier signature.


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