Pasquale Ardimento, Teresa Baldassarre, Marta Cimitile, Giuseppe Visaggio



Transfer of research results, as well as technological innovation, within an enterprise is a key success factor. The introduction of research results aims to improve efficacy and effectiveness of the production processes with respect to business goals, and also to better adapt the products to the market needs. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to transfer research results in production systems because it is necessary, among others, that knowledge be explicit and understandable by stakeholders. Such transfer is demanding, as so many researchers have been studying alternative ways to classic approaches such as books and papers that favour knowledge acquisition on behalf of users. In this context, we propose the concept of Knowledge Package (KP) with a specific structure as alternative. We have carried out an experiment which compared the efficacy of the proposed approach with the classic ones, along with the comprehensibility of the information enclosed in a KP rather than in a set of Papers. The experiment has pointed out that knowledge packages are more effective than traditional ones, for knowledge transfer.


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