Lech Krzanik



Usability implies effective, efficient and satisfactory interaction with a system when using it. Similar properties are not usually considered when an end user is faced with evolutionary developing or improving a system – an activity increasingly more often, particularly when the context of using a system undergoes frequent and significant changes. Project Nomadic Media investigated possibilities for user-participative, effective, efficient and satisfactory evolution of nomadic systems. We considered geographically distributed, context-sensitive, personalized systems, exploiting various web services and allowing for a general function referred to as nomadic blogging. In this paper we demonstrate general policies of evolution and the specific ways of end-user interaction with the evolving system. The overall strategy may be generally described as simplicity – effective with clear and straightforward goals, efficient in terms of resources spent at each small evolutionary delivery step and satisfactory in terms of end-user participation and reaching the explicit planned user targets. Results of experiments with such systems are demonstrated.


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