Georg Schneider, Patrick Arnoldy, Tobias Mangerich



Much information is inherently coupled with a certain place. Accessing this information at the given place is often the key to understand it or at least it helps understanding the information much better than accessing it elsewhere. e-Learning systems free the learners from the chains of time and place. However they are normally used with PCs or laptop computers either at home or at certain premises. Especially in a city like Trier, which is full of history, it is easy to verify that learning about the Romans and seeing a picture of a historic site is different to the real world experience of this site. This reflection leads us to the idea to extend the capabilities of a conventional E-learning system in a way that information can be accessed where it can be understood more easily, i.e. on its place. Therefore we have extended the system MOVII (Moving Images and Interfaces), which is a flexible and visually appealing E-learning Platform with a possibility to geocode information entities and to access them appropriately.


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