Andrea De Lucia, Rita Francese, Massimiliano Giordano, Ignazio Passero, Genoveffa Tortora



Video Lectures are an old distance learning approach which do not offer any feature of interaction and retrieval to the user. Thus, to follow the new learning paradigms we need to reengineer the e-learning processes while preserving the investments made in the past. In this paper we present a methodology for semi-automatically migrating traditional video lectures into multimedia Learning Objects. The process identifies the frames where a slide transition occurs and extracts from the PowerPoint Presentation information for structuring the Learning Object metadata. Similarly to scene detection approaches, we iteratively tune several parameters starting from a small portion of the video to reach the best results. Once a slide transition is correctly detected, the video sample is successively enlarged until satisfactory results are reached. The proposed approach has been validated in a case study.


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