Li Bai, Yi Song



AbstractThis paper presents a new approach to automatic 3D face recognition using a model-based approach. This work uses real 3D dense point cloud data acquired with a stereo face scanner. Since the point clouds are in varied orientations, by applying a non-iterative registration technique, we automatically transform each point cloud to a canonical position and detect facial features used for defining the frontal part of face which is to be modelled in next step. Unlike the iterative ICP algorithm, our non-iterative registration process is scale invariant. An efficient B-spline surface-fitting technique is developed to represent 3D faces in a way that allows efficient surface comparison. This is based on a novel knot vector standardisation algorithm to allow one-to-one mapping from the object space to a parameter space. Consequently, correspondence between objects is established based on shape descriptors, which can be used for recognition.


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