Cooperative Defense against Network Attacks

Guangsen Zhang, Manish Parashar



Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the Internet have become an immediate problem. As DDoS streams do not have common characteristics, currently available intrusion detection systems (IDS) can not detect them accurately. As a result, defend DDoS attacks based on current available IDS will dramatically affect legitimate traffic. In this paper, we propose a distributed ap- proach to defend against distributed denial of service attacks by coordinating across the Internet. Unlike traditional IDS, we detect and stop DDoS attacks within the intermediate network. In the proposed approach, DDoS defense sys- tems are deployed in the network to detect DDoS attacks independently. A gos- sip based communication mechanism is used to exchange information about net- work attacks between these independent detection nodes to aggregate information about the overall network attacks observed. Using the aggregated information, the individual defense nodes have approximate information about global network attacks and can stop them more effectively and accurately. To provide reliable, rapid and widespread dissemination of attack information, the system is built as a peer to peer overlay network on top of the internet.


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