A Workflow-based Environment to manage Software-Testing Process Executions

Duncan Dubugras A. Ruiz, Karin Becker, Bernardo Copstein, Flavio Moreira de Oliveira, Angelina Torres de Oliveira, Gustavo Rossarolla Forgiarini, Cristiano Rech Meneguzzi, Rafaela Lisboa Carvalho



This work describes a workflow-based environment that manages the execution of software-testing processes. Testing processes require that human and computer resources be handled as dedicated resources, previously scheduled for testing activities, with no overlapping. Two striking features of this environment are: a) the efficient handling of resources by taking into account the capabilities offered by resources required by testing activities, and b) it provides a broader view of all execution steps in a software-testing plan. Hence, it enables a better planning of software-testing process executions, as well as of human and computer resources involved.


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