An Attribute-Based-Delegation-Model and Its Extension

Chunxiao Ye, Zhongfu Wu, Yunqing Fu



In existing delegation models, delegation security entirely depends on delegators and security administrators, for delegation constraint in these models is only a prerequisite condition. This paper proposes an Attribute- Based-Delegation-Model (ABDM) with an extended delegation constraint consists of both delegation attribute expression (DAE) and delegation prerequisite condition (CR). In ABDM, A delegatee must satisfy delegation constraint (especially DAE) when assigned to a delegation role. With delegation constraint, a delegator can restrict the delegatee candidates more strictly. ABDM relieves delegators and security administrators of security management work in delegation. In ABDM, a delegator is not allowed to temporarily delegate his permissions to a person who does not satisfy the delegation constraint. To guarantee its flexibility and security, an extension of ABDM named ABDMX is proposed. In ABDMX, a delegator can delegate some high level permissions to low level delegatee candidates temporarily, but not permanently.


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