Bouchra El Asri, Mahmoud Nassar, Bernard Coulette, Abdelaziz Kriouile



Component based software intends to meet the need of reusability and productivity. View concept allows software flexibility and maintainability. This work addresses the integration of these two concepts. Our team has developed a view-centred approach based on an extension of UML called VUML (View based Unified Modelling Language). VUML provides the notion of multiviews class that can be used to store and deliver information according to users viewpoints. Recently, we have integrated into VUML multiviews component as a unit of software which can be accessed through different viewpoints. A multiviews component has multiviews interfaces that consist of a base interface (shared interface) and a set of view interfaces, corresponding to different viewpoints. VUML allows dynamic changing of viewpoint and offers mechanisms to manage consistency among dependent views. In this paper, we focus on the static architecture of the VUML component model. We illustrate our study with a distant learning system case study.


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