Andrey Krendzel, Jarmo Harju, Sergey Lopatin



Wireless network planning is a very complex process, the result of which influences on the success of network operators. A poorly planned network cannot achieve the required Quality of Service. It also involves extra costs and fewer benefits for its network operator. Actually, wireless network planning deals with a large number of different aspects. In this paper Core Network (CN) planning aspects for the third generation (3G) wireless systems are discussed. The problem of performance evaluation of 3G CN nodes for Internet Protocol Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IM CN subsystem) is considered in details taking into account self-similarity caused by the high variability of burstiness of multiservice traffic in 3G wireless networks. The method for the problem solution is based on the use of FBM/D/1/W queueing system (FBM – Fractional Brownian Motion).


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