Atelach Alemu Argaw, Lars Asker



We present recent work aimed at constructing a bilingual corpus consisting of comparable Amharic and English news texts. The Amharic and English texts were collected from an Ethiopian news agency that publishes daily news in Amharic and English through their web page. The Amharic texts are represented using Ethiopic script and archived according to the Ethiopian calender. The overlap between the corresponding Amharic and English news texts in the archive is comparatively small, only approximately one article out of ten has a corresponding translated version. Thus a major part of the work has been to identify the subset of matching news texts in the archive, transliterating the Amharic texts into an ASCII representation, and aligning them with their respective corresponding English version. In doing so, we utilised a number of available software and data sources that were (mainly) found on the Internet. Amharic is a language for which very few computational linguistic tools or corpora (such as electronic lexica, part-of-speech taggers, parsers or tree-banks) exist. A challenge has therefor been to show that it is possible to create a comparable corpus even in the absence to these resources. We used fuzzy string matching between words in the English and Amharic titles as a way to determine how likely it is that two news items are referring to the same event. In order to restrict the matching algorithm further, we only compared titles of news items that were published on the corresponding same date and at the same place. We present an experimental evaluation of the algorithm, based on data from one year, and show that fuzzy string matching of news titles can be sufficient to align Amharic and English news text with relatively high precision despite the obvious difference between the two languages.


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