Eye and Mouse Coordination During Task: From Behaviour to Prediction

Topics: Analysis Methods and Tools; Task Analysis, Guidelines and Heuristics; User Modeling and Profiling

Authors: Alexandre Milisavljevic 1 ; Kevin Hamard 2 ; Coralie Petermann 2 ; Bernard Gosselin 3 ; Karine Doré-Mazars 4 and Matei Mancas 3

Affiliations: 1 University of Mons, Paris Descartes University and Sublime Skinz Labs, Belgium ; 2 Sublime Skinz Labs, France ; 3 University of Mons, Belgium ; 4 Paris Descartes University, France

Keyword(s): Behaviour, Visual Attention, Webpages, Mouse-tracking.

Abstract: The study of web users’ behaviour is of crucial importance for understanding people reaction when browsing websites. Eye-tracking is a precise tool for this purpose, but it is hard to scale up when trying to apply it to a wide range of situations and websites. On the other hand, mouse-tracking fulfills these requirements. Unfortunately, mouse data provides a limited approximation of the eye position as it was shown in the literature. In this paper, we investigated the relationship between mouse and eye behaviour on several kind of websites with three different tasks to create models based on these behaviours. Our findings were that 1) saliency Pearson’s correlation is not suitable to analyse eye and mouse coordination, 2) this coordination is altered according to the task, 3) scroll speed directly influence where the eyes are during the scroll, 4) amplitude vary according to eyes position before the scroll and 5) by using the X axis variations it is possible to find the moment s where it is easier to model eyes location from mouse location. (More)

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Milisavljevic, A.; Hamard, K.; Petermann, C.; Gosselin, B.; Doré-Mazars, K. and Mancas, M. (2018). Eye and Mouse Coordination During Task: From Behaviour to Prediction.In - HUCAPP, ISBN , pages 0-0. DOI: 10.5220/0006618800860093

author={Alexandre Milisavljevic. and Kevin Hamard. and Coralie Petermann. and Bernard Gosselin. and Karine Doré{-}Mazars. and Matei Mancas.},
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TI - Eye and Mouse Coordination During Task: From Behaviour to Prediction
SN -
AU - Milisavljevic, A.
AU - Hamard, K.
AU - Petermann, C.
AU - Gosselin, B.
AU - Doré-Mazars, K.
AU - Mancas, M.
PY - 2018
SP - 0
EP - 0
DO - 10.5220/0006618800860093

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