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Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Modelling, Simulation, Verification and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems

May 23-27, 2006, in Paphos, Cyprus

ISBN: 978-972-8865-49-8

Conference Link: http://www.iceis.org

Foreword: One of the challenges of 21st century is the “Alignment of Business Processes and IT” in a large scale such as an Enterprise where different applications and systems are integrated into a complex system called Enterprise Information System (EIS). Researchers are facing two major questions when they meet and solve this challenge “what causes the gap” and “how the gap evolves.” These questions have been studied, answered, and reported in numerous publications that have found: the gap is caused by a misunderstanding of the underlying business processes; the gap originates at the business processes level, passes to the software development level and finally it further evolves at an enterprise level through the application of EIS (creating a misalignment of Business Process and IT). However, more study is needed to ensure correct and appropriate EIS alignment with the underlying business process and the mission of the enterprise. This alignment can be increased in many different ways but those which have proved more relevant include the use of modelling, simulation, verification and validation of the software applications through the different development stages. For this purpose, the Fourth International Conference on Modelling, Simulation, Verification and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems (MSVVEIS) solicited research papers in the areas of modelling, simulation, verification, and validation of business processes and software in the context of EIS. The papers submitted to MSVVEIS were both theoretical and practical from all areas related to those aspects of business processes modelling and simulation and software development and evaluation that can increase the confidence in the correctness of EIS systems, such as: Business process modelling & simulation Business process analysis & design Workflow modelling & simulation IS modelling & design Requirements specifications Modelling guidelines for practitioners Integration of modelling & specification Case studies Petri nets (business/industry applications) Formal methods Notation standards (UML, XML, …) Use cases Process algebra Model checking & Testing Combination of verification systems Consistency checking and data integrity Large scale component-based develop. Application integration Reuse of specifications and proofs Quality control and assurance Software architecture Quality attributes Dependability Deductive systems Safety critical systems Finite-state abstractions of infinite-state systems The papers published in this book are selected from 36 submissions to MSVVEIS. After double blind peer-review by three experts, the accepted papers were selected into three categories: Full papers, Short papers and Posters. Tremendous efforts were made in order to make MSVVEIS a successful event and this book a valuable scientific collection. The true credit for theses efforts go to the dedicated Authors of the papers and the highly respected International Program Committee Members including Auxiliary Reviewers, for their review efforts and support. For further support including sponsorship and publication of this book, it is our pleasure to thank ICEIS and INSTICC. The organizational and technical aspects of MSVVEIS required not less efforts. For these efforts, we sincerely thank Vitor Pedrosa, who literally provided around the clock support and interaction with the authors. (More)


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