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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications

February 25-28, 2006, in Setúbal, Portugal

ISBN: 972-8865-39-2

ISSN: 2184-4321

Conference Link: http://www.grapp.org

Foreword: On behalf of the organizing committee, we welcome you to GRAPP 2006, the 1st International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications. This conference aims at becoming a major point of contact between researchers, engineers and practitioners in Computer Graphics. In the first year of this new venue, we have chosen Interactive Environments for Computer Graphics as the main topic. Indeed, games and virtual environments currently dominate both research and practice in our field. The conference program includes four keynote lectures, full and short paper sessions to present the widest possible view on this technical area. This year, eleven plenary sessions covering different aspects including: “Real-Time Rendering”, “Virtual Worlds”, “Interaction” or “Modelling & Visualization”. We expect the technical program to appeal to a global audience of engineers, scientists, industrialist and business people interested in the research topics of GRAPP. We hope that the proceedings here published, demonstrate novel scientific breakthroughs, innovative solutions and solutions to relevant technical problems in the field of Computer Graphics. We received quite a high number of paper submissions for a first time conference, 96 in total, with contributions from 33 different countries, from all continents which confirm the success and global dimension of GRAPP. To evaluate each submission, we used a double-blind evaluation method. To this end, each paper was reviewed by at least three experts from the International Program Committee. In the end, 35 full papers were selected for oral presentation and for publication and 26 papers were accepted for short presentation. The result was a full-paper acceptance ratio below 37% and a high-quality program that we hope is attractive to Computer Graphics experts. Furthermore, we plan to invite expanded versions of about 20 papers to be compiled into a forthcoming book to be published by Springer in 2006. Additionally, extended versions of selected papers will be invited for publication in the Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting and in the VIRTUAL journal (http://virtual.inesc.pt). In order to promote the development of professional networks the organizing committee has put together a very attractive social program with two nights of entertainment, culture, gastronomy and also a relaxing environment to chat with old and new friends and colleagues. The social event includes a guided tour followed by a Conference Dinner on the evening of 27 February (Monday). We hope that you enjoy this exciting conference and have an unforgettable stay in the sunny city of Setúbal, in the centre of Portugal. Finally, we would like to express our thanks, first of all, to the authors of the technical papers, whose work and dedication made possible to put together a program that we believe is very exciting and of high scientific quality. Next, we would like to thank all the members of the program committee and reviewers, who helped us with their expertise and time. Finally, we would like also to thank the invited speakers for their invaluable contribution and for sharing their visions of the field. (More)


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