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Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems - (Volume 2)

June 8-11, 2011, in Beijing, China

ISBN: 978-989-8425-53-9

ISSN: 2184-4992

Conference Link: http://www.iceis.org

Foreword: This volume contains the proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2011), held in Beijing, China, hosted by Beijing Jiaotong University and sponsored by the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC), the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), K. C. Wong Education Foundation (Hong Kong), University of Reading and UFIDA Software Co., Ltd. The conference was held in cooperation with the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), the Association for Computation Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (SIGART), the ACM Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems (SIGMIS) and the Institute of Electronics Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Special Interest Group on Software Interprise Modelling (SWIM). This conference has become a major point of contact between research scientists, engineers and practitioners in the area of business applications of information systems, with six simultaneous tracks, covering different aspects related to enterprise computing, including: “Databases and Information Systems Integration”, “Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems”, “Information Systems Analysis and Specification”, “Software Agents and Internet Computing”, “Human-Computer Interaction” and “Enterprise Architecture”. Papers published in each track describe the state-of-art research work that is often oriented towards real world applications and highlight the benefits of Information Systems and Technology for industries, thus making a bridge between the academia and the enterprise worlds. Following the trend of previous editions, ICEIS 2011 also had a number of satellite events, namely special sessions and workshops, related to the field of the conference, including the following workshops: 8th International Workshop on Security in Information Systems (WOSIS), International Joint Workshop on Information Value Management, Future Trends of Model-Driven Development, Recent Trends in SOA Based Information Systems and Modelling and Simulation, Verification and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems (IVM, FTMDD, RTSOABIS & MSVVEIS), and special sessions on Enterprise Logistics (EL), Business Information Systems (BIS), Disruption Management in Logistics and Supply Chains (DMLSC), Economics of Information Technology (EIT), Information Analytics and Services for Transportations (IAST), Internet of Things and Logistics Services (ITLS), Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing in Supply Chain (KMKSSC), Modeling Methods for Logistics Management (MMLM), Project Management and Service Science (PMSS), Service Science and Engineering (SSE), Successful Strategies in Supply Chain Management (SSSCM), Tourism Sustainability (SSTS), Network and Management Innovation (NMI). ICEIS 2011 received 402 paper submissions from 53 countries and districts on all continents. 57 papers were published and presented as full papers, i.e. completed work (10 pages/30’ oral presentation) and 120 papers, reflecting work-in-progress, were accepted and orally presented as short papers (6 pages/20’ oral presentation). Furthermore, 46 contributions were accepted and presented as posters. These numbers, lead to a “full-paper” acceptance ratio around 14%, and a total oral acceptance ratio of 44%. Additionally, as usual in the ICEIS conference series, a number of invited talks, presented by internationally recognized specialists in different areas, have positively contributed to reinforce the overall quality of the Conference and to provide a deeper understanding of the Enterprise Information Systems field. The program for this conference required the dedicated effort of many people. First, we must thank the authors, whose research and development efforts are recorded here. Second, we thank the members of the program committee and the additional reviewers for a valuable help with their expert reviewing of all submitted papers. Third, we thank the invited speakers for their invaluable contributions and the time for preparing their talks. Fourth, we thank the workshop and special session chairs whose collaboration with ICEIS was much appreciated. Finally, special thanks to all the members of the Beijing Jiaotong University, INSTICC and Reading University, whose close coordination and cooperation was fundamental for the success of this conference. Two best paper awards are given at the closing session to outstanding papers presented at the conference: an award for the top regular paper in the conference plus an award for the best student paper, overall. The selection is based on the classifications and comments provided by the Program Committee and also on the oral presentation quality, assessed by session chairs. A final selection of papers, from those presented at ICEIS 2011 in Beijing, will be done based on peer-assessment, i.e. on the classifications and comments provided by the Program Committee and on the assessment provided by session chairs. Extended and revised versions of these papers will be published in a book by Springer-Verlag, as well as, in four special issues from four international journals. We wish you all an exciting conference and an unforgettable stay in Beijing, China. We hope to meet you again next year for the 14th ICEIS, to be held in Wroclaw, Poland, details of which will be readily available at http://www.iceis.org. (More)


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