1st International Conference on Islamic Economics, Business, and Philanthropy

November 15-15, 2017, in Bandung, Indonesia

ISBN: 978-989-758-315-5

Conference Link: http://iciebp.conference.upi.edu

Foreword: The International Conference on Islamic Economics, Business and Philantropy (ICIEBP 2017) is an academic event of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in collaboration with Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), Indonesia and Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali, (UNISSA), Brunei Darussalam . The 1st ICIEBP was held on 15th November 2017, in the heart of Bandung city, West Java, Indonesia. This conference is expected to shed lights on the perspectives and best practices of Islamic economics, business and philanthropy as part of solution to ensure a humanistic and sustainable model that resonates with culture and ensures the balance (mizan), social equity (‘adl), and respects harmony between nature, people, and markets. Therefore, there is an urgent need to have a new and fresh look at Islam as a source of both inspiration and restoration of the natural state of human beings as referred to Islam as fitrah. The Organizing committee have successfully compiled hundreds of articles written by experts from various fields on a very interesting and challenging theme, “Transforming Islamic Economy and Societies”. Therefore, the output of this conference is very important for sharing invaluable ideas, information, experiences and best practices which will eventually strengthen the commitment of the communities to develop a conducive academic culture and enhance collaborative partnership with related industries. For this purpose, the proceeding of conference is urgently needed for documentation of all those precious inputs. Therefore, the comittee has collaborated with Scitepress publisher which has very good reputation in publishing high quality product including the proceeding indexed by Scopus and ISI Thompson Reuters. The range of topics covered by in the 1st ICIEBP 2017 Proceeding includes the theoretical and empirical papers on a) Islamic Economics, b) Islamic Philanthropy, c) Islamic Finance and Banking, d) Islamic Microfinance, e) Islamic Business and Entrepreneurship, f) Management and Leadership, g) Accounting, and other relevant topics. We would like to extend our gratitude to all parties who have given us their supports for organizing the 1st ICIEBP including all participants from various universities and institutions in Indonesia and abroad who have participated, and the distinguished speakers including Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafar Ismail, Prof. Dr. Sukree Langputeh, Prof. John Lovett and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhamad Abduh. Last but not the least, we would like to highly appreciate the organizing committee members for their hard work, commitment and efforts dedicated since the preliminary preparations a year ago. May the blessings of Allah be upon all of us. Finally, we hope that this collaborative conference event will promote further academic studies of the discipline, strengthen the partnership as well as broaden the network regionally and globally. By God willing, this collaboration hopefully will continue in the near future. (More)


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