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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support

November 5-6, 2020

ISBN: 978-989-758-481-7

ISSN: 2184-2825

Conference Link: http://www.icsports.org

Foreword: This book contains the proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support (icSPORTS 2020), which is sponsored by the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC) and held in cooperation with Sport Sciences Research Institute of Iran, European Society of Biomechanics (ESB), European Paralympic Committee, Società Italiana di Anatomia e Istologia (SIAI), International Sports Engineering Association (isea), European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians (E.C.O.S.E.P) and European Association for Sport Management (EASM). This year icSPORTS was, exceptionally, held as a web-based event, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, from 5 – 7 November. The Conference Technical Program includes oral presentations and poster presentations, organized in four simultaneous tracks: Computer Systems in Sports, Health and Support Technology, Signal Processing in Human Movement and Sport Performance and Support Technology. All full papers as well as all short papers are included in this book of proceedings. A major aspect of the program is the inclusion of two plenary keynote lectures held by internationally renowned researchers, namely: Scott Selbie (Queen’s University, Canada) and Nikolaos Stergiou (University of Nebraska Medical Center, United States). icSPORTS received 35 submissions from all continents, of which 29% are presented as full papers. To evaluate each submission, a blinded review was performed by the Program Committee, whose members are known researchers in icSPORTS topic areas. All papers presented at this conference will be available at the SCITEPRESS Digital Library (http://www.scitepress.org). We would like to express our thanks to all participants. First, to the authors whose quality work is the essence of this conference. Secondly, to all members of the Program Committee and Scientific Reviewers who helped us with their expertise. We would also like to thank the invited speakers for accepting our invitation to share their expert knowledge and vision. Finally, we acknowledge the professional support of the icSPORTS 2020 team for all organizational processes, especially given the need to introduce online streaming, forum management, direct messaging facilitation and other web-based activities in order to make it possible for icSPORTS 2020 authors to present their work and share ideas with colleagues in spite of the logistic difficulties caused by the current pandemic situation. We hope that all colleagues who participated in the conference and/or read its proceedings, find this a fruitful and inspiring conference. We hope to contribute to the development of the Sport Sciences and Technology Support community and look forward to having additional research results presented at the next edition of icSPORTS, details of which are available at http://www.icsports.org/. (More)


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