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Proceedings of the 1st Unimed International Conference on Economics Education and Social Science

October 31-31, 2018, in Medan, Indonesia

ISBN: 978-989-758-432-9

Conference Link: https://www.unicees.org

Foreword: The 1st Unimed International Conference on Economics Education and Social Science (UNICEES) in Conjunction with The 2nd Unimed International Conference on Economics and Bussiness (UNICEB). Theme: ”TO STRENGTHEN THE DIGITAL ECONOMY IN THE ERA OF INDUSTRY REVOLUTION 4.0” Today’s world is facing a phenomenon of disruption , a situation in which the movement of the industrial world or job competition is no longer linear. The changes are very fast, fundamentally by ruffling the old order pattern to create a new order. Disruption initiates the birth of a new business model with a more innovative and disruptive strategy. The scope of change is wide ranging from business, banking, transportation, community social, to education. This era will require us to change or become extinct. Undoubtedly, disruption will encourage the digitalization of the education system. The world of global education is currently facing a big challenge due to the acceleration of technological development which is increasingly distorted and demands a response from the education community itself. The biggest impact of the distortion era was very fast responsiveness and integration of all sectors in a changing condition with increasingly massive technology application. For this reason education must be able to respond to it by extracting actual and most recent research, especially in the fields of economic education, business education, office administration, accounting education, Sciences education, and other social sciences education. It is expected that the output of this conference provides the opportunity to exchange ideas and propose working solutions in addressing the issues. For this purpose, the proceedings of this conference is urgently needed for documentation of all those precious inputs. Thus, the UNICESS 2018 committee has collaborated with Scitepress publisher which has very good reputation in publishing high quality products including proceedings indexed by Scopus and ISI Thompson Reuters. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to all parties who have given us their supports for organizing UNICESS 2018. This conference was planned and organized under the supervision, involvement, and participation of Advisory Board, and Scientific Committee as well as the co-hosts including STIE Sultan Agung, STIE Bina Karya, Universitas Medan Area, UISU Medan, and Universitas PGRI Semarang. It would never be a success without the distinguished invited speakers from Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, including all highly motivated participants from various universities and institutions all over Indonesia and abroad who have participated The objectives of conference are: 1. To Gather various ideas and ideas from research results to provide input for the advancement of education in Indonesia 2. To Bring together academics, practitioners and researchers in the fields of economic, business, accounting, office administration, education, and social education research. 3. To Facilitate scientific publications for researchers according to their respective fields (More)


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