Proceedings of the International Workshop on domAin specific Model-based AppRoaches to vErificaTion and validaTiOn

February 19-19, 2016, in Rome, Italy

ISBN: 978-989-758-166-3

Conference Link: http://www.modelsward.org/AMARETTO.aspx

Foreword: Welcome to AMARETTO 2016, the first domAin specific Model-based AppRoaches to vErificaTion and validaTiOn workshop, held in conjunction with the 4th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development (MODELSWARD 2016), in Rome, Italy, on February 19, 2015. The workshop aims to investigate different aspects and solutions for model-based verification and validation applied into domain-specific environments. This workshop provides a forum for academia, industry, and the research and development community to share their knowledge, exchange experiences and ideas, and discuss challenges and future research directions in the area of domain-specific model-based verification and validation. The ultimate goal is to conceive new trends and ideas on designing, implementing, and evaluating solutions for model-based verification and validation in different application domains including Healthcare, Telecommunication and Networks, Cloud Computing and Web Services, Mobile Devices, Automotive and Transportation, Learning, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, and many others. AMARETTO 2016 accepted a total of 9 papers, 7 full papers and 2 short ones, from authors of 6 countries. Each paper was reviewed by at least three Program Committee members by means of a double-blind peer review process, and evaluated according to the criteria of paper relevance, originality, soundness, maturity and presentation quality. These papers will be presented in 3 technical sessions: 1) "Model-based Analysis and Development", where contributions mainly focus on models definition and execution in real contexts such us railway systems; 2) "Approaches for Model-based Testing" where proposals address test modeling languages and solutions such us mutation testing and web service compositions testing framework; 3) "Management and Assessment of Complex Systems" targeting approaches for validation in different domain-specific contexts such as learning, automotive systems and fiscal software certification. In addition to the papers presentation, the workshop program includes a keynote speaker: Prof. Antinisca Di Marco, from University of L'Aquila, Italy. The keynote lecture will be on "The Role of Context in Extra-functional Verification and Validation". We would like to thank everyone who made the workshop possible, including the authors for their interest in the topics of the workshop, the Program Committee members and the external reviewers for their help in evaluating and selecting the papers, the keynote speaker for accepting our invitation, the presenters of the workshop, and finally the MODELSWARD 2016 team for their continuous support in setting up the workshop.We thank you for attending the workshop and hope that you enjoy it. (More)


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