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Proceedings of the International Joint Workshop on Technologies for Context-Aware Business Process Management, Advanced Enterprise Architecture and Repositories and Recent Trends in SOA Based Information Systems

June 8-12, 2010, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

ISBN: 978-989-8425-09-6

Conference Link: http://www.iceis.org

Foreword: Enterprise Architecture and Repositories, Context-Aware Business Process Management and Service-Oriented Architectures are emerging research fields and have been receiving much attention in the recent years. New approaches in these areas can bring many benefits to the development of enterprise information systems (EIS): distribution, flexibility, interoperability, data semantics, mobility and adaptability. Nevertheless, these emerging fields pose new promising challenges to the research community. Some of the current challenges in the enterprise architecture and repositories field are advanced modelling languages and methodologies, interoperability, automatic analysis of business processes, query languages for process repositories; in business process management the challenges are adaptive process management, context-aware and agile business processes, and finally in SOA-based information systems the issues are for example SOA architecture and design, service modelling, and SOA governance. This volume contains • the Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Technologies for Context-Aware Business Process Management (TCoB 2010), • the Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Advanced Enterprise Architecture and Repositories (AER 2010), and • the Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Recent Trends in SOA Based Information Systems (RTSOABIS 2010). TCoB 2010, AER 2010 and RTSOABIS 2010 aim at serving as a forum for researchers and practitioners to meet and share expertise in the fields of context-aware business processes, enterprise repositories, and SOA-based information systems. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers of the ICEIS 2010 conference for providing a great forum for this joint workshop. Moreover, we would also like to thank the members of the TCoB 2010, AER 2010, and RTSOABIS 2010 (www.iceis.org/Workshops/rtsoabis/rtsoabis2010-cfp.htm) Program Committees for the great job they did in reviewing the papers (all full papers published in this proceedings were subject to a peer-review process with at least 3 reviews per paper). Finally we would like to thank the authors for their valuable contributions and wish them a successful continuation in their research. We wish all organisers, authors and attendees an exciting and fruitful workshop and a very pleasant stay in Funchal, Madeira. (More)


Vol. 1 - 978-989-8425-09-6

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