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Proceedings of the International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Web

October 27-28, 2010, in Valencia, Spain

ISBN: 978-989-8425-33-1

Conference Link: http://www.ic3k.org

Foreword: The International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Web (SSW 2010) is part of the 2nd International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (IC3K 2010). The conference was held in Valencia (SPAIN), a wonderful venue to exchange ideas and research on the topics of the conference. The ultimate aim is to to assemble individuals and organisations to discuss their ideas and solutions and to build a new vision of Semantic Sensor Web. During last years, sensors have been increasingly adopted in the context of several disciplines and applications (military, industrial, medical, homeland security, etc.) with the aim of collecting and distributing observations of our world in everyday life. Sensors progressively assumed the critical role of logic bridges between the real world and information systems, through an always more consolidated and efficient sensor technology that enables advanced heterogeneous sensor grids. Current sensor networks are able to detect and identify simple phenomena or measurements as well as complex events and situations. As imaginable, these sensor networks disseminated everywhere around the world are not connected among them, as well as associated information systems are not integrated. This scenario can be summarized as too much data and not enough knowledge. Sensor Web is commonly defined as: “Web-accessible sensor networks and archived sensor data that can be discovered and accessed using standard protocols and application interfaces”. Sensor Web is a progressive concept that, at the moment, is limited mainly by the lack of standardization. Semantic Sensor Web would be an evolving extension of Sensor Web that introduces a semantic layer in which semantics, or meaning of information, are formally defined. Semantics should integrate web-centric standard information infrastructures improving the capabilities of collecting, retrieving, sharing, manipulating and analyzing sensor data (or associate phenomena) as well as potential interoperability between systems through semantic interactions. We extend the appreciation to the authors who have prepared papers that represent the leading edge of technology, providing the foundation upon which this workshop is built. The selected papers were chosen on the basis of outstanding scientific contribution as determined by the program committee experts. The selection process began immediately after the submission deadline. Each submission was examined by at least two members of the IPC and evaluated on the criteria of scientific novelty, importance to the field and technical quality. The international technical program committee have significantly contributed to the success of this workshop. We acknowledge the support of INSTICC that makes possible the organization of this event. A special acknowledgment to Ms.Vera Coelho for the preliminary assistance as well as for the continuous help and feedback during all steps of workshop organization. Also we would like to thank the attendees. We hope you will enjoy the workshop and your stay in Spain and be able to spend some time to visit various points of interest of Valencia. We hope the workshop could contribute to the success of the conference. (More)


Vol. 1 - 978-989-8425-33-1

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